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 The Masonic(7,74) Code(4) of July 4, 1776

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: The Masonic(7,74) Code(4) of July 4, 1776   4/7/2013, 01:39

The Free4masonry7/Masonic774* Code4 of July 4, 1776
“--- is the supreme example of sacred architecture in the Christian world portraying the truths that lead humanity closer to God”

Mason47s used sacred geometry, gematria, numerology, and the Bible to encode our ‘National Treasure’

The Society of Freemasons connect74 to the builders of the Egyptian Pyramids, Babylonian Ziggurats (Tower of Babel/Babylon), Roman & Greek temples, and especially Solomon’s Temple. ‘Operative Masons' built Europe’s great Gothic47 cathedrals. They view God as the ‘Grand Architect of the Universe’ (G.A.O.T.U.). Many ‘Master Masons’ are also Pythagoreans, Kaballists, and Rosicrucians. The ‘Speculative Masons’ who helped design America50 – i.e. Grand Master Masons Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and John Hancock – used the Declaration of Independence, Great Seal of the United States, and the Flag to encode history’s greatest secrets! (National Treasure movie is based on this and uses ‘the code’.) Using sacred gematria and sacred numerology, and having Continental Congress choose July 2 and July 4, 1776, the enlightened Masons had many important secrets converge74

Simple674 English774 Gematria8 / G7+E5+M13+A1+T20+R18+I9+A1=74: assigning a number774 to a letter (word4, phrase) & vice-versa with both the letters7 and numbers7 having strong symbolic meaning. A-B-C becomes 1-2-374, Masonic74.

The Key74: A=1 B2 C3 D4 E5 F6 G7 H8 I9 J10 K11 L12 M13 N14 o15 or zer0 P16 Q17 R18 S19 T20 U21 V22 W23 X24 Y25 Z26

GOD=GOOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4 Holiday74. God Deity74, Religion74, Free4masonry7, Reveal God74, †he 1 mind74
‘God Craft’74 leads a break from reign of74 The King74 / Ruler74 / 1 Kingdom74 / 1 Crown74 / London74 1 Britain74.

Continental Congress first met in 1774 in Philadelphia: 40˚N 75˚W – “Philadelphia” was/is one of “7 Asian churches” of The Revelation 1:11.

The Committee of Five - chosen to prepare a Declaration of Independence - included three Masons: Franklin, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman. (John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were not Masons.) Georgia747 was the last state in roll call vote47. July 4 is now ~aphelion. Only Grand Master Mason John447 Hancock740 signed & Charles Thomson74 attested the Declaration on 7/4. The Declaration was then sent to printer John47 Dunlap (age 28, b 1747) who made app. 200 copies on the evening of July 4 and morning of July 5 - these are known as the ‘Dunlap broadsides’. (Abigail Adams b 1744.) The Great Seal of the United States Committee was also formed on 7/4/1776 - it included Franklin. Washington & Jefferson were 74”/6’2” tall. There were 74 generals in the Continental Army (33 Masons*) and 74 delegates to the Constitutional Convention (also held in Penn. State House [Independence Hall] - cornerstone laid 1734). Liberty7 Bell4 cast74 (by) John447 Pass and774 John447 Stow477. 1st D.C. cornerstone laid 3/15/1791: 74th day of the year. New York7 City4 40.7˚N 74˚W was the Capitol7 City4 of the US. Star-Spangled Banner (flag) cost $574. Lady4 Liberty7, VII40, 1 Nation74 / 1 Union74, judge47 & jury74. West Point74. 74°F is ideally comfortable.

“4 score & 7 years ago”. 74 men on Mayflower. Thanksgiving occurs in 47th week of the year. “Independence forever74”. Forever Stamp has picture of Liberty7 Bell4 and one word "Forever74"

(July) 4, 1776; Jesus74 was born on 4.17.6 BC / 17.4.748 AUC (since the founding of Roma47)
On June 14, 1777 (Matthew 6:14), Congress approved the design of US Flag. Valley77 4g: 40.1°N 75.47°W
Franklin died on 4/17/1790, Washington died on 12/14/1799. Command of Union58/73 forces was offered to Robert E. Lee
and Virginia seceded on 4/17/1861 (Civil War). Thomas Jefferson & John Adams both died on 7/4/1826 – the 50th Anniversary.

Noah’s Ark & the Courtyard of Moses’ Tabernacle were 50 cubits74 or 74 feet wide, 17.76 inches = cubit
888(in.) is gematria for Iesous73/88 (Jesus) in Greek. The Declaration established another ‘Covenant’, 7/4/1776 marked the sacred event.

Matthew 7:4, “Why are you concerned with the speck in your neighbor’s eye when there’s a pole in your eye?” – Y’shua74 ben Yosef, Jewish74, Messiah74, Cross74, “Clean your finger, before you point at my spots.” – Ben Franklin

America50n Independence was approved on July 2 (7/2) John Hancock72, 3 days=72 hours July68 4=72
Civil Rights Act July 2, 1964. #72 is a major convergence point. (2×36, 3×24, 4×18, 6×12, and 8×9. 7+2=9: ‘the highest number’ in sacred numerology.) Jews have 72 names for G-d, including a 72-letter-name.

“For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure that you get.” - Matt 7:2 (Pres.58 George6 Walker6 Bush Jr.6 ("the "2nd Beast") pardoned Scooter Libby on 7/2/2007.) Ben Franklin was 72” tall (6’).
The pyramid on the Great Seal/back of the US Dollar47 consists of 72 stones. Golf’s par 72 & 72 hole tournaments.

13 United States (US40) – 13 & 40 are highly mystical numbers** su40m13 Spirit of ’76 (7+6=13) 40°N
13 stars & 13 stripes on original US Flag (13 stars on Confederate Battle Flag). Masonic Temple 13 blocks from White House.
The Great Seal uses symbolism of 13, the back of US Dollar uses 13 13 times including the 13 letters of “E PLURIBUS UNUM” & "ANNUIT COEPTIS". Jesus’ 13 male disciples (including Matthias) 13 weeks in a season #40 is sacred to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc.

*Thomas Jefferson, author of †he33 Declaration, was 33 years old – Jesus74/Joshua74 was believed to have been crucified at age 33 (he was actually 34). The 33rd Degree is the highest level in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. At 33˚F, frozen liquids begin to thaw. Amen33.

Mary Magdalean58’s Birthday was 5/8/2 BC (Mary 158 Magdalena58/Mariamne74). 56 men signed Declaration + Charles Thomson + George Washington = 58, George 158. Father58, design58, obelisk58/73.
**The goddess58/73 / (Star58) Planet Venus traces a pentacle every 8 years and returns to initial74 point74 every 40 years with a 40 day regression – the global origin of sacred number 40 (5×8=40, 5+8=13). Science58, count58/73.
Seal of58 Solomon58. Mother’s Day falls on 2nd Sunday of May (‘Maia’). The movie/musical 1776 begins on May 8, 1776
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The Masonic(7,74) Code(4) of July 4, 1776

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