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 Hebrew Gematria

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Ed J


PostSubject: Hebrew Gematria   11/24/2011, 19:47

Hi Everyone,

Here is more proof of God, proof that he had placed in the Hebrew language.

God bless
Ed J (Joshua 22:34)
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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: Hebrew is NOT the 'Holy Tongue' that GOD(7_4) used to create Earth - English(74) is!   9/30/2012, 23:54

Ok, I made it through 1:26 of this video ending with "The major premise we have as Jews is that Hashem created the world by first creating the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and the numbers 0-9. And by combining letters together, He created everything we know." This is wrong - very WRONG! And I've heard and read it many times before. Yet, it's premise when applied to English - the Holy Tongue - is correct. Let me explain...

First, how ironic that he's giving so much credence to Hebrew and yet he's giving his lecture in English! Second, the word 'alphabet' is Greek coming from the first two letters in the Greek language: Alpha & Beta. Jewish rabbis/teachers of Kaballa(7,40) are real proud of Hebrew Gematria. but 'gematria' is the Greek word for 'geometry'. Third, our global numerical system originated in India and Arabia. The Hindu-Arabic numerals were introduced to Europe by the Italian Christian Leonardo Fibonacci c. 1200 AD.

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: ha-shamayim=395, neshamah=395   10/25/2012, 00:14

Biblical Hebrew Dictionary http://ancient-hebrew.org/35_home.html
"For example, the noun השמים (hashamayim), includes the prefix ה (ha) meaning 'the'. When this is removed we have שמים (shamayim) meaning 'heavens' or 'sky'.

The Hebrew word for 'heaven' or 'heavens' (ha-shamayim) has the same gematria value as the word for 'soul' (neshamah): 395. Therefore, this means that the soul is connect74ed with heaven/heavens74.
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PostSubject: Re: Hebrew Gematria   

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Hebrew Gematria

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